Who is Nubian?

I grew up on Long Island, NY and worked in the health field for 3 years before my quarter life crisis. Which led me to a cross roads, where
I chose the road less travelled. I followed my passion and pursued a career in Advertising and Graphic Design. This is where Nubian was born! She became my artistic outlet and my form of expression, my passion project! I call her my form of protest! Although not everyone has the desire to protest with a sign and a megaphone we all have a unique voice and story worth telling. 

My inspiration is not only the beautiful woman form, but my inspirations are beautiful, powerful, magical women of color who I believe often are not celebrated enough. I wanted Nubian to be empowering for all women and for us to embrace every inch of ourselves. Image has always been
a huge issue for women and I thought why not show that nudity can be classy, sexy, empowering, abstract, real, and the list goes on, because each and every one of us is made up
of so many complex powers and emotions. I want Nubian to become a community where there is no judgement or shaming. The Nubian crown is inspired by Queen Nefertiti because we are
all beautiful Queen's!

- LaMae N
  Nubian Artist